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Air Conditioner Removal & Disposal

We safely remove and dispose of your old, outdated, or faulty air conditioning systems with minimal disruption to your property.

We have been Perth’s trusted air conditioning experts for over 30 years! Our air conditioner removal service starts from as little as $160. 

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Sustainable and responsible

Removal of Your Air Conditioner

At Air-Cond Installs WA, we don’t just specialise in split system installations, we are also the go-to for responsible air conditioning removal and disposal services in Perth.

  • Decomission of air con unit 
  • Disposal of old air conditioner 
  • Indoor and Outdoor air conditioner removals 
  • Removal of air cons from over and under 2m height 
  • Removal of air con units on brackets or racks 





If aircon is above 2m and mounted/bracketed

Simple and effective

Decommissioning Process



Our team will conduct an initial assessment of your air conditioning system to determine the best removal process and any safety precautions needed.

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Safe Removal

Our trained technicians carefully disconnect and remove the air conditioning unit, taking care to avoid any damage to your property.



We dispose of your old air conditioning system in an environmentally responsible manner, in compliance with Australian regulations.



We clean up the work area after completing our service, ensuring your property is left in pristine condition, just as neat and tidy as it was before we arrived.


The importance of

Safe Air Conditioner Removal

Safely removing and disposing of an air conditioner is incredibly important for a variety of reasons, such as protecting the environment, keeping you and your loved ones safe, and making sure you meet all legal requirements.

Why you need a technician

Improper removal and disposal of air conditioning units can lead to the release of harmful substances, such as refrigerants, into the atmosphere.

These substances contribute to ozone depletion and have a detrimental impact on the environment.

A professional technician will make sure that your air conditioning system is removed with great care and expertise, always following the highest industry standards and environmental guidelines.

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Why choose us to

Decommission Your Air Conditioner

  • Artick approved
  • 30+ Years Experience
  • Highly trained and experienced technicians
  • Strong emphasis on eco-friendly removal and disposal practices
  • Compliance with Australian environmental regulations
  • Comprehensive service: removal, decommissioning, and cleanup
  • Affordable pricing
  • Fully insured and licensed
  • Unmatched customer service and support
As Perth’s trusted split system air conditioning installation specialists, our customers come first. Get in touch for a free quote!
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Save money wen you choose

Perth's Air Con Experts

We have been installing air conditioners in Perth homes and commercial spaces for over 30 years, with a focus on delivering an exceptional installation experience.

Glen and Wayne are dedicated to perfection and customer satisfaction, every time. When you call, you’re talking directly to them, rather than an operator with a bag full of scripts.

From the initial consultation to design and installation process, you’re getting a hands-on air conditioner supplier and installer that truly values their customers and operates with integrity and efficiency.


We Service in Perth

Our air conditioner removal and disposal services of your air conditioner stretch from the northern suburbs of Perth to the South.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our team of experienced technicians can safely remove and dispose of various types of air conditioning units, including split systems and ducted air systems.

The cost of air conditioning removal and disposal services depends on various factors such as the type and size of the system, accessibility, and location. Please get in touch for a personalised quote.

The duration of the air conditioning removal process will depend on the type of air conditioning unit and it’s location on your property.

Typically, we can complete a decommission and re-install within 1-2 hours.

Air-Cond Installs WA offers both the removal and disposal of air conditioners. We provide safe and environmentally friendly disposal. Starting from $160. 

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