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Split System Installation Options Services

When choosing right split system air conditioner installation for your home or business, it is important to consider the various configuration options available for achieving the desired performance, energy efficiency, and comfort level.

Standard back to back installation


Back to Back Installations

In a standard split system air conditioner installation, we mount the indoor unit inside a cavity in the wall, allowing for the passage of refrigerant lines, electrical wiring drain pipes connecting to the condenser (outdoor unit) on the ground below

To ensure proper stability, it’s important to have a concrete, paver, or slab foundation for the condenser.

Our standard back-to-back installation package includes:

  • 3m of piping
  • 15m of electrical wiring (for units 3.5kw and above)
  • 1 x 2m length of pipe cover.

Any additional materials required beyond these amounts will be subject to an extra cost.



Installation With Brackets

A back-to-back with brackets configuration for split system air conditioner installation is a variation of the standard back-to-back installation.

In this configuration, the outdoor unit (condenser) is mounted on brackets attached to an exterior wall instead of being placed on the ground. The indoor unit is still mounted on an interior wall, directly opposite the outdoor unit.

Reasons you may need a back-to-back installation with brackets:

  • Space constraints
  • Security concerns
  • Aesthetic preference

Talk to us about our back-to-back brackets for a customised solution.

daikin air conditioner bracket holding air con on the wall
Side entry air conditioning installation


Side Entry Installation

A side entry pipe installation for a split system air conditioner involves your head unit fitted to the interior wall.

Side entry installations are common when there is not enough room to fit a head unit on the exterior wall.

Instead of the pipe coming out of the back of the unit it comes out either side (left or right).


Double Storey Installation

Double storey homes present challenges for standard back-to-back air conditioner installations.

For upstairs units, outdoor unit location must be considered for accessibility, roof or wall mounting may be necessary.

Additional pipework, wiring, and bracketing are required due to increased distance between indoor and outdoor units.

Some points we will discuss for your double storey installation:

  • What space are you looking to condition, upper or lower floor?
  • Do you need multiple units?
  • Outdoor unit location & power supply route from switchboard
Standard back to back installation
Daikin installation outside unit

Non-standard Extra

Costs for Installation

  • Additional duct
  • Additional pipe run
  • Duct pieces – caps or elbows.
  • Polyslabs
  • Wall brackets.


Switchboard Upgrades

If you require a switchboard upgrade for your air conditioning installation, don’t settle for quotes costing thousands.

With us, you can be sure that your switchboard install is functioning just right, at an honest and affordable price, typically between $250-$300.

Enjoy efficient cooling without the hefty price tag!

Switchboard installed outside the house

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We supply and install only the highest quality and most trusted brands in air conditioning, such as Daikin, Toshiba and Fujitsu.
We can help you select the best split system that meets your cooling and heating needs.


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