The Best Temperature to Set Your Air Conditioner in Australia

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Our clients often ask us, “What temperature should I set my air conditioner at?”. It’s been an especially popular question lately, given the summer we’ve had so far.

We put together this post to explain what temperature to set your air conditioner at to maximise efficiency while keeping you comfortable, no matter the time of year.

In this article, we’ll cover:

  • What temperature to set your air conditioner depending on the time of year or day
  • The best air con temperature in summer
  • The best air con temperature in winter
  • The best overall AC temp for efficiency
  • The best AC settings for sleeping
  • The best overall air con temps
  • AC unit maintenance tips and signs your air conditioner needs servicing


What Temperature to Set Your Air Conditioner in Australia

The Best Air Con Temperature in Summer

The best air con temperature in summer in Australia will depend on your region, state, and comfort preferences.

For our region, we generally recommend 23℃ – 24℃ as the best air con temperature in summer for comfort.

For maximum efficiency, the best air con temperature in summer is around 25℃ – 27℃. This range can still keep you cool and comfortable while providing the highest energy savings.


The Best Air Con Temperature in Winter

Reverse split cycle air con systems can keep your house cool in the summer and provide heat in the winter.

The best air con temperature in winter in Australia is usually between 18 to 20 degrees Celsius. This temperature range provides comfort while maintaining energy efficiency.

As with the best air con temperature in summer, your ideal winter temperature settings will depend on your region’s climate, how much insulation your house has, and your comfort preferences. Some individuals may find that the best air con temperature in winter is 21 to 22℃.


The Best AC Settings for Efficiency

To keep your electricity bills in check, keep in mind that for every degree you set your AC unit lower in summer, you’ll see roughly a 10% jump in energy costs.

For each degree higher you set your reverse cycle temperature in winter, expect to see a 10% increase in your energy bills.

The most energy-efficient setting for your air conditioner in summer in Australia is between 25℃ – 27℃.

To maximize your air-con unit’s efficiency in winter, try a temperature between 17 to 18 degrees C.

Finding your ideal temperature may take some experimenting. During especially hot or cold days, you may need to adjust the temperature you normally set your AC unit at.

Along with experimenting to find the temperature that is the right mix of comfort and efficiency for your preferences, make sure your AC unit is functioning properly. A unit with malfunctioning parts, a dirty condenser unit, or other issues will work harder than it needs to and consume additional energy.

Scheduling a professional inspection for your AC unit at least once a year will keep it operating as it should and help maximise its efficiency.

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Many air conditioners have energy-saving modes or settings that help reduce energy consumption while maintaining a comfortable temperature.


The Best AC Settings for Sleeping

Have you ever slept in a sweltering room and found yourself tossing and turning all night?

Or struggled to sleep in a frigid room?

There are scientific reasons behind why this happens.

If you choose the best AC settings for sleeping, you can experience higher sleep quality. Studies show that sleeping in a room with an air con temperature around 18.3°C is the best setting to support high-quality sleep.

This is due to your body’s circadian rhythm. This is your body’s natural clock that helps regulate your body temperature throughout the 24 hours in a day.

At night, your body’s core temperature drops to support quality sleep. The proper AC setting can help support your body’s ideal sleep temperature.

If your AC unit is set too high, it may prevent your body from dropping its internal temperature, leading to poor sleep quality.

The best AC settings for sleeping will come down to your personal preferences, but many individuals prefer a setting between 16 and 19 degrees Celsius.


The Overall Best AC Temp

The overall best AC Will vary based on your region and comfort preferences, but 23 to 25 degrees C is considered a good overall air conditioner temperature in Western Australia in summer for comfort. 25 to 27 degrees C is preferable if energy efficiency is your priority.

The most energy-saving air conditioner temperature setting in Australia is around 17 to 18 degrees C in winter.

To support high-quality sleep at night, consider setting your air-con unit around 18 degrees Celsius.


Does Your AC Unit Need Maintenance?

As mentioned earlier, a properly maintained AC unit will be more efficient.

Here are the best tips to maintain your air conditioner and optimise its efficiency:

  • Clean the filters as needed
  • Replace the filters as recommended
  • Use the timer to maximise efficiency
  • Schedule a professional inspection for your air-con unit at least once a year
  • If your AC unit is experiencing an issue, have it evaluated immediately before the problem can progress
  • Program your air-con unit to only run when you are home
  • Use the dehumidifier setting to reduce humidity levels in your home in summer
  • If your unit is struggling to keep your home cool, have it inspected to make sure there are no issues with the fan coil or condenser unit

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