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Expert Tips for Maintaining Performance in Your Split System Air Conditioner

A well-maintained and efficient air conditioner is what you need this summer to stay comfortable and productive.

It won’t be long and the sweltering summer months will be here. Is your split system air conditioner ready to beat the heat?

The right maintenance can help your split system air conditioner work better and last longer.

Here are expert tips for maintaining performance in your split system air conditioner so you can stay cool all summer long.


The Best Tips for Maintaining Your Split System Air Conditioner


Regular Filter Maintenance

Split system air conditioner filters trap debris and particles in the air to ensure proper circulation.

One of the best ways to help your split system air conditioner work better is by performing regular filter maintenance.

Every month, especially during periods of frequent use, it is important to check and clean the filter.

A filter that is full of debris, dirt, and dust particles will work harder than it needs to, leading to decreased efficiency and higher energy bills. A dirty filter can also spread bacteria throughout the air in your home.

To clean the filter, remove it from the unit and clear it of any cobwebs or dust accumulation. You can use a mild detergent and a cloth moistened with warm water to remove debris. Let the filter completely dry and reinstall it. If the filter is particularly dirty or clogged, it is time for a new one.

Along with a monthly check and clean, you’ll want to replace your filter approximately every three months.

If you live in a particularly dusty, sandy, or windy area at a higher elevation, you may need to check or replace your split system air conditioner filter more often.

Before summer begins, be sure to take the grill off of your split system air conditioner and clean it or replace it if needed.


Cleaning the Indoor and Outdoor Units

A clean split system air conditioner ensures proper air circulation and high efficiency. Clean the indoor grilles regularly to remove any dust accumulation. Make sure no curtains, plants, decorations, furniture pieces, or other objects are blocking the unit.

You can use a cloth or vacuum to clean dust from any outside surface areas or vents. This helps prevent as much debris, dirt, and dust from building up and clogging the vents, grill, and filter.

Avoid trying to clean internal areas or inner parts of the unit as this could lead to damage.

To clean the outside of the unit, make sure there are no leaves, trees, plants, or objects restricting airflow to the unit. This causes it to work harder, use up more energy, and spike operating costs. Make sure there is a clear area around the unit by removing any objects, trimming trees and vegetation regularly, and clearing away leaves.

A leaf blower or broom can be used to carefully and gently brush away any debris from the outside grill.

To help keep your split system air conditioner clean, you can also check if it includes a self-cleaning option. Many newer units offer self-cleaning functions that help eliminate mould, bacteria, fungi, and pollen. Ask your technician or check the user manual to see if your split system air conditioner includes a self-cleaning function.


Regularly Clear the System’s Condenser Unit

Your split system air conditioner needs its condenser unit cleaned regularly. Since the condenser unit is typically outside, it is constantly exposed to particles, dust, dirt, and debris.

Using a coil cleaner, you can regularly clean the unit and keep it working efficiently. Once you flush out the coil, let it dry completely. You can also use a brush to sweep away debris from the condenser’s fins.


Inspecting and Cleaning the Fan Blades

Check your unit’s fans regularly to make sure they are not accumulating dust or dirt. A damp cloth can be used to carefully wipe away any buildup or dust.

You can also make sure the blades are in good condition. This involves tightening the blades if they have loosened and watching for damage. If you notice damage to the blades or if they aren’t working properly, contact an A/C technician right away.


Verifying Thermostat Accuracy and Settings

Along with regular cleaning and maintenance, it is also important to learn about the various settings on your unit’s thermostat.

Many units feature built-in settings that can maintain a comfortable temperature while being as energy efficient as possible. Depending on the mode, you can reduce your power bill while still staying cool and comfortable.

You can also rely on a timer to cut down on how often your unit runs or turn your unit on before the hottest time of day. Both of these methods can help save money while still keeping your home cool.


Checking and Tightening Electrical Connections

It is important to check any electrical connections regularly. If needed, be sure to tighten them. If you aren’t comfortable doing so or aren’t sure how, contact an A/C technician for assistance.


Schedule Professional Maintenance

Another big part of keeping your split system air conditioner working efficiently is having it professionally serviced regularly. Ideally, a licensed air conditioning technician should professionally inspect your unit at least once a year.

While you can certainly check the filter regularly and perform surface cleaning, it is best to leave internal components to a professional. Pulling apart the unit to try to fix something or clean inside it can result in damage and void any warranties.

A technician will conduct a variety of key tasks to ensure the unit functioning properly, including:

  • Checking the efficiency of the motor
  • Thoroughly cleaning all ductwork and internal components
  • Cleaning or replacing the filter
  • Flushing the drains
  • And more

Your technician can also evaluate the condition of your unit and recommend a replacement unit if needed. If your split system air conditioner is past its prime and working harder than it should cool the air, a new unit can offer better performance and a reduced power bill.


Your Split System Air Conditioner Experts in Perth

Split system air conditioners offer easy installation, high efficiency, effective cooling, and sleek design, making them an extremely popular choice for managing Australia’s extreme summer heat.

Whether you’re looking to have your split system air conditioner serviced before summer hits or if you want a quote on installation, we can help. Air Cond Installs WA is your trusted local air conditioning team, ready to handle all your split system supply, maintenance, and installation needs.

Contact us with any questions, to schedule a service visit, or for a free on-site quote for installation.

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