Simple Guide for Commercial Aircon Installation 2024

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If you are considering commercial aircon install or upgrading your current system, I put together this simple guide to help you get started on finding the best system for your needs, layout, budget, and location.  

I’ll cover the different types of commercial air conditioners, how to choose the right size how to choose an efficient commercial air conditioner, and how to find a Perth airconditioner installer you can trust. 

Simple Guide for Split System Air-Conditioning in Australia

Types of Commercial Air-Conditioner Options

Commercial HVAC Units

Commercial HVAC units take air from outside the building to control the interior humidity and temperature. These units are often found in expansive spaces with an open layout, such as warehouses, office blocks, and large industrial buildings. 

Ducted Reverse Cycle Systems

Ducted reverse cycle systems are a cost-effective choice for heating and cooling. These versatile systems can control the temperature in multiple rooms and allow each room to be customised to individual settings. 

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers are an environmentally friendly, efficient option that is popular for cooling large spaces.

Ceiling Cassettes

Ceiling cassettes offer convenient installation in the rafters or ceiling, creating a seamless, streamlined look. Common in small to medium-sized buildings, ceiling cassettes are a convenient way to keep the temperature comfortably cool without taking up space in the office. 

Wall Split Systems

If you only need to cool a single room, a wall split system can be a convenient, cost-effective option. Wall split systems consist of an indoor unit mounted on the wall on the interior and connected to a compressor outside. The benefits of wall split systems include easy installation, quiet operation, and the ability to easily remove it if needed.  

Multi-Head Systems

A multi-head split system air conditioner connects a single outdoor unit to multiple indoor units mounted on the walls. Each unit has its own control, making it a perfect system if you want individual control over multiple rooms. 

VRV Reverse Cycle Systems

VRV reverse cycle systems connect multiple units to one large condensing unit. Each unit features its own thermostat and control panel, offering a versatile, cost-effective cooling solution that can be operated individually.

Commercial Air Conditioner Installation Size Suggestions

Commercial air conditioner units are often larger with more power since they need to cool bigger areas for longer stretches. 

For instance, a standard residential air conditioner will have a power output of 2 to 25kW. A large commercial air conditioner will have a cooling capacity of 10 to 100kW (or even upwards of 200kW). 

A variety of factors determine the size of the commercial air conditioner that will be ideal for a space. You’ll need a proper evaluation of the space and an understanding of the cooling and heating requirements needed to keep the space comfortable. 

When choosing the right size commercial air conditioning unit, I recommend considering these questions: 

  • How much sunlight exposure does the space get? 
  • Where will the AC system be installed? 
  • How big is the space that needs to be cooled? 
  • Do you need to keep food and drinks cold? 
  • How many customers or workers will occupy the space? 
  • Is it a large open layout with multiple rooms or numerous enclosed offices?
  • Is it a single-story building or are there multiple levels to heat and cool?

Determining these factors will help you decide on the right amount of heating and cooling needed for your commercial space. With vast ranges of building sizes and a variety of layouts and structures, there is no one-size-fits-all all commercial aircon install. 

I highly recommend seeking out the help of a qualified Perth air conditioner installer to help determine your ideal heating and cooling solution.

When it comes to selecting your air conditioner, choosing the right size is the most important decision you will make.

Most Efficient Commercial AirCon Choices 

The most important step in an efficient commercial air conditioner is ensuring the right size system for your space and needs. Too small of a commercial air conditioner system will struggle to cool the premises sufficiently. An air con system that is too big is an unnecessary investment. 

Choosing the right size commercial air conditioner system is best done with the assistance of a professional. A professional aircon installer will also determine the ideal placement for the aircon unit to ensure optimal heating and cooling and maximum efficiency. 

I often recommend split systems due to their high efficiency, ability to heat and cool, and customisable functions. Split systems are well suited to a range of commercial applications. 

Many air con units now offer advanced settings and options that support increased efficiency. For instance, some commercial ac units offer sensors that detect when occupants are in the building. It then automatically adjusts the temperature according to maximum efficiency.  

Some commercial air conditioner units have built-in thermostats that ensure temperatures remain constant, reducing energy waste. This helps to save natural resources, reduce stress on equipment, and reduce carbon emissions.

Another crucial aspect of an efficient commercial air conditioner is keeping up with maintenance. An aircon unit with a dirty filter or damaged parts will consume more energy and work harder than it needs to. You can learn more about aircon maintenance here: Expert Tips for Maintaining Performance in Your Split System Air Conditioner.

Along with regularly cleaning the filter and watching for signs of damage and schedule an annual inspection with a professional AC technician to maximise your system’s performance and lifespan. 

I also recommend ensuring you choose an efficient commercial air conditioner by checking its Energy Rating Label


How to Choose the Best Commercial Aircon 

Opt for a Reputable Brand

Commercial air conditioning is not an area to cut costs. A poor quality unit or improper installation will result in increased electricity costs, decreased efficiency, and possibly a decreased lifespan of the unit. Not to mention, your staff and customers will not be comfortable. 

I recommend choosing reputable commercial aircon brands that have a positive industry reputation and a proven history of quality air conditioning units and superior parts. 

A reputable commercial air conditioning brand is especially important if you need to keep perishable goods at a particular temperature. Opting for a cheaper unit is not worth the risk.


Factor In Maintenance Requirements and Cost

All commercial air con units will require servicing, maintenance, and repairs. Proper maintenance and regular servicing will support the efficiency and longevity of your unit. 

When choosing a commercial air conditioner, ask about how readily available replacement parts are, how often it requires servicing, how much replacement parts are, and the average lifespan of the unit.


Get Customised AirCon Installation

Every commercial space is unique with its own heating and cooling requirements. Opting for a commercial aircon install that is too small to keep up with the space’s demands will result in a lack of comfort and a system that has to work harder than it should. 

A commercial air conditioner that is too large is overly expensive and will not be as efficient as a properly sized system would be. Look for a Perth air conditioner installer who will work with you to get to know the specific layout of your space, customer and staff needs, and unique heating and cooling requirements.


Commercial Aircon Install Perth 

An efficient, properly sized commercial air conditioner will keep your staff, occupants, and customers comfortable according to your heating and cooling needs. 

Whether you have a school, retail space, office, church, or factory, we can design and install a professional commercial air conditioner solution to meet your needs. 

Contact our premier Perth air conditioning contractors to discuss your requirements and get started on your custom commercial aircon install today. 

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